Outdoor Recreation Center

Outdoor Recreation (ODR) is dedicated to providing exciting activities that take full advantage of the local terrain and weather conditions. We can also provide you with the tools and supplies for your own adventures! You won’t believe the selection of outdoor equipment rentals we offer! Check out our rental campers, bounce houses, utility trailers, and more! Our facilities include Outdoor Recreation Center, the Aviation Cadet Pool, Lake Martin, Mid-Bay Shores, FamCamp, RV Storage Lots, and the vehicle Resale Lot.

Programs & Services

Outdoor Recreation offers a wide range of facilities, services, programs including a large equipment rental center offering everything from campers and camping equipment to bounce houses, power tools and much more.

  • Equipment Rental

  • FamCamp

  • Vehicle Resale Lot

  • Trips & Events

  • Swimming Pools

  • RV Storage

  • Base Fishing Permits

  • R4R Discounts

  • Single Airmen / RecON

  • Deployed Affected

Special Offers

Equipment Rentals

Call for our camping gear specials!

Large Grills $30 (Tuesday – Thursday)
Yard Games $10 per day
Inflatables $65 per day

Equipment Rental

ODR Operations Center
Outdoor Recreation Operation Center offers a wide range of recreational equipment for a small service charge to all active-duty military, retired military, reservists, civilian employees, and family members 18 years of age or older. Campers and camping equipment, picnic gear, sporting equipment, outdoor games, bicycles, and other recreational supplies are available for rent. For a complete listing and prices, please see our current price list, available at the Outdoor Rec Download Library.

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Trips, Events & Adventures

ODR Program
Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or want a relaxing trail walk, Outdoor Recreation has you covered. We offer events all year round with discounted prices you won’t find anywhere else. Adventure with us as we kayak the Coosa, go tandem skydiving, zipline, and more! We’ll do all the planning for you, so all you have to do is show up.

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ODR Facility
Located adjacent to the Base Lake Recreation Complex FamCamp is operated year-round offering tent camping and RV sites. Sites have partial and full hookups with electric, water and sewage hook ups is available. Amenities include on-site laundry facilities and climate-controlled restroom, shower facilities and more.

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Aviation Cadet Pool

ODR Facility
The Aviation Cadet Pool welcomes everyone for all ages. There’s a slide, a climbable rock wall, and lap swimming lanes. There’s even a splash pad for the little ones to enjoy! Events can be found throughout the swim season for Key Log Rolling, Dive-in Movies, or Luau parties. You can even rent the pool for after-hour parties!

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R4R Programs

ODR Discounts
Active Duty and Reservists are eligible for discounted program prices through the three programs offered through the Recharge for Resiliency (R4R) Program:

Single Airman Programs: Air Force Active Duty officer or enlisted member without a spouse or geographically single.

RecOn Programs: Air Force Active Duty and reserve component members and their spouses and dependents.

Deployed Affected Programs: Deployed-affected and dependent restricted assigned Air Force personnel and their family members. Eligible from time of orders to deploy up to 1 year following the return of service member.

RV Storage

ODR Service
Outdoor Recreation manages 2 RV storage lots on Gunter & Maxwell base. Contact ODR for availability and additional information.

Monthly Fee $60
Annual Fee $660

Vehicle Resale Lot

ODR Program
Got a vehicle you don’t want anymore? Sell it on our resale lot! We offer a spot for cars, trucks, boats, RVs, trailers, and more. Bring proof of registration and insurance for the vehicle to the Outdoor Recreation Center, and we’ll hook you up with a permit to put your vehicle on the lot. Customers must keep the permit on the interior of the vehicle, as well as a personal information sheet with pricing, details, etc. of the vehicle.

Weekly Car, Truck, Motorcycle Fee $10
Weekly Boat, RV,
Trailer Fee

Fishing Permits

ODR Program

Monthly Permit $4
Annual Permit $15

Equipment Rental

Air Mats $2,5,10
Backpacks $5,10,15
Camping Chairs $5,10,20
Eno Hammocks $10,15,35
Camping Heater (gas) $5,10,15
Camping Grill (gas) $12,20,30
Camping Stove 2-Burner (gas) $10,15,20
Sleeping Bag $5,10,15
Sleeping Cot $10,15,20
1 Person Tent $10,20,30
2 Person $10,25,30
4 Person Tent $15,20,35
6 Person Tent $20,30,50
Solar Chargers $20,30,45
Large Grill $50,100,150
Bouncy 13×13 $50,100,150
Bouncy w/ Slide (13×13 6ft slide) $200,250,450
Foot Dart $175,225,440
Dunk Tank $105,145,250
Hanging Bike Hitch Rack $20,35,60
Rear-Mount Cargo Box $24,45,70
Garden Hoe $5,10,15
Shovel  $5,10,15
Hedge Trimmer $15,25,40
Lawn Edger $15,25,40
Lawnmower $40,55,100
Leaf Blower $15,25,50
Log Splitter $75,125,200
Rake $5,10,15
Canopies $35,55,100
Fish/Turkey Fryer $30,50,100
Small Coolers $10,25,50
Large Coolers $15,30,70

Equipment Rates



Metal Folding Chairs (1-19) $1,2,5
Metal Folding Chairs (20-74) $.75,1.50,2.50
Metal Folding Chairs (75+) $.50,.75,2.00
Tables (1-10) $8,12,16
Metal Folding Chairs (20-74) $.75,1.50,2.50
Tables (11-24) $6,10,14
Tables (25+) $4,8,12
Sports Ball $5,10,15
Bicycles $30,40,60
Corn Hole $20,40,50
Fishing Rod $10,20,40
Flag Football $10,15,20
Frisbee $5,10,15
Giant Dominoes $15,30,50
Giant Connect 4 $20,25,50
Giant Jenga $20,25,50
Giant Yard Dice $20,25,50
Horseshoe set $10,15,20
Ladder Golf $15,20,35
Softball set $20,30,40
Tennis set $10,15,20
Tug-of-war $10,15,20
Volleyball set $20,30,40
Water Cooler $5,10,30
Canoe $35,60,100
Single Kayak $35,50,100
Double Kayak $45,60,120
Kayak Trailer $30,40,60
Life Jackets $5,10,15
Dolly $15,20,50

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