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Aviation Cadet Pool

Whether you're new to the water or an advanced swimmer, we have something for you here at the Aviation Cadet Pool! A splash pad welcomes younger audiences, a shallow end encourages play, a water slide, and a rock wall to those who are wanting a good challenge. There's a spot for you to kick back and enjoy a small snack or get a tan by the poolside.

Summer Schedule

Services, schedules and availability may vary. Please contact the pool for complete details or check out our upcoming events.

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Pool Admission

2023 pool season is free; no fees for admission with military ID. Guests must be accompanied by an adult sponsor.


    Aviation Cadet Pool Rules

    • Violation of pool rules may result in revocation of pool privileges.
    • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises.
    • All Patrons must show proper ID and sign in.
    • Appropriate attire must be worn.
    • Report any medical conditions to personnel upon arrival.
    • Showers are required before entering pool.
    • Personal flotation devices should be United States Coast Guard approved.
    • Children 10 or younger shall be under the direct supervision of an adult.
    • Children not toilet trained shall wear swim diapers.
    • Children 11 - 13 shall pass a swim test or be supervised by an adult.
    • Splash Pad is designed for children ages 6 and below only and must be supervised at all times.
    • No diving into shallow water.
    • No breath-holding or prolonged underwater swimming contests.
    • Children ages 13 and younger must clear the pool during 10-minute pool breaks.
    • Food, beverages, chewing gum, smoking, chewing tobacco and snuff prohibited in pool and on pool apron.
    • Glass containers prohibited in pool area.
    • Only non-oil-based sun block is permitted.
    • In accordance with AFMAN 48-114 individuals experiencing the following conditions shall be prohibited from entering the pool: diarrhea, skin disease, open sores or lesions, including live immunizations, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge.
    • No pets are allowed in the pool area. Service dogs escorting persons with disabilities shall be permitted on the pool apron and in restrooms. Also, working dogs accompanied by handlers shall be permitted in swimming pool areas as required.
    • Lifeguards will clear pools or beach areas during electrical storms and at other times deemed necessary in the interest of safety.

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    Aviation Cadet Pool

    Ash St.
    Montgomery, AL 36112 Building 89

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