Riverfront Inn

You don’t have to travel the outskirts of Maxwell to find a wonderful dining facility. The Riverfront Inn is located just down the street from Fitness, on the corner of Maxwell Boulevard and Mitchell Street. Enjoy our healthy choices on our menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! We are open to Enlisted service members, TDY Officers’ and TDY DoD Civilians.

Things To Know


Appropriate dress is required before entry. Tarnished/Soiled garments, revealing clothing, unkempt features, bare feet, or exposed undergarments are prohibited. Hats must be removed before entering the building.


Spouses and family members are permitted to eat at the facility in times of OTS Open House, Air Force Birthday, weekends, and special holidays. Must be accompanied by the Active Duty member. TDY DoD Civilians have special access to utilize DFAC Facilities.


The menu for all DFAC Facilities changes monthly, allowing for more options to cycle through the dining hall. Healthy choices can be found in our online documents: “Go for Green” and “Be Fit Eat Fit.”