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Easter Bunny Hunt


The Story Thus Far...

Once upon a time, five little cottontail bunnies were decorating Easter eggs in colorful designs. There was Thumper, Oreo, Jack, Peter, and Foo-Foo, each one holding a basket so bright that it looked like they were holding rainbows.

They were so excited about their upcoming favorite holiday and decided to go on an adventure and play hide-and-seek. That way they could find all the best hiding spots for their eggs. As they ventured into the nearby flower field, they found a small tunnel.

"Where does that go?" Young Oreo asked.

Curious Foo-Foo dipped her head down to sniff the tunnel, "I'm not sure. Do you think field mice made it?"

Peter, the bravest, came forth and said, "Let's see where it leads. After all, we have a week until Easter!"

So without further ado, they crawled inside to begin their new adventure. Little did they know, that portal sent the bunnies to Life at the Max's Website! Stay tuned to see where they end up!

(4/6/20) All the little bunnies barreled out of the tunnel, landing in a smooshed pile of fur and fluffy tails. When they looked up, they found that they were in a room decorated in purple with images of children all around them and the letters "MOMC" hanging on the walls.

"Where are we?" Thumper turned around in a circle, taking it all in. "It looks like a giant playroom!"

Also wanting to explore, Jack jumped up on a windowsill and peered into the distance. "I can see a playground outside!"

"I found a basketball court! Come on, guys!" Oreo called out to her friends.

Together, all the bunnies enjoyed running around the indoor court. They played with the sports balls, and they shot a few hoops. After exploring a little more, they found a game room with a ping pong table, a Nintendo Switch, and a quiet place to sit back and relax in.

Foo-Foo flopped back on a comfy couch, wiggling her toes in delight. "If I were a kid, I'd be here every day. This place is great!"

"Let's see where else that tunnel will lead!" Peter gathered everyone once more, and together they flowed back into the tunnel. Where would the portal lead them this time?

(4/7/20) "Are we back home?" Jack asked when they emerged to a large open field.

Every bunny turned in small circles, examining the trees and open fields and, most interestingly enough, little flags sticking out of the ground. Peter was the first to examine it, hopping over to the flag and peeking his head into the small hole beneath the flag. To his surprise, he saw a little white egg inside!

"Check it out, guys! Look what I found!" He called to his friends, pulling it out and rolling it around.

This egg was so unusual! It was circular rather than an oval egg shape. It also had an external outer shell that was very strong. The little cottontails took runs rolling it between each other until another strange egg landed nearby.

"Another egg!" Foo-Foo bounded over to it, rolling it over to the group.

But then another came. And then another! The bunnies scurried into the safety of a nearby bush and watched as a bunch of grown-ups came into view. They used strange metal sticks to knock the odd eggs into the hole, cheered amongst themselves, then retrieved the egg to repeat the processes elsewhere.

Oreo left the bush first, "What do you think that was all about?"

"Maybe this is a game, and we're in the middle of a playing field," Jack suggested.

"Then we best not get in their way. Let's go see where else we can go!" Thumper led the way back to their tunnel, and together they all huddled back inside eager to see where else they would end up.

(4/8/20) "What's going on? Why have we stopped?"

"There's something in the way!"

"Let's push on three. One...two...three!"

All the bunnies worked together to push on the unknown wall blocking their path. The ground beneath them shifted, the ceiling opened up, and five fuzzy heads popped up to look around.

The first thing they saw was the largest bed they've ever seen. The room was lit by an open window, and wood furniture covered the walls. Their tunnel had led them into a dresser within a big bedroom.

"Check it out!" Foo-Foo jumped onto the bed and bounced around the pillows. "It's so soft!"

The rest of the cottontails were quick to start a jumping game. Meanwhile, Thumper went to the door. He laid his long ear against it and listened. "Hey, there's a dinging sound outside."

"Dinging sound?" Oreo joined him, also pressing his ear to the door. "You're right, and I hear footsteps too."

"Footsteps? Quick! Back to the dresser!"

They hopped back into the dresser and peeked over the edge, watching the door open. In walked a really big human, dressed in a strange camo pattern. He stood in the center of his room, scratching his head and wondering how his blankets and pillows had gotten messed up.

"This must be that guy's room," Peter whispered, ushering his friends back. "Let's go before he sees us."

The bunnies slipped back into their tunnel. It had already led them to some pretty interesting places, so how many more areas could they go before they ended up back home?

(4/9/20) This time when all the furry friends emerged, they found themselves in a room filled with metal and pads. Their ears flicked, their gazes explored, and their curiosity grew. Where were all the grassy meadows?

"What are these?" Jack went over to a weird bar, lifting it up. It was heavy, but he still managed to lift it above his head and get a round of applause from his friends.

Oreo lifted up a large, flat, and coin-shaped object and put it on the end of the bar her friend was holding. The weight grew to be too much, and he flopped over.

"Too heavy!" he cried out.

That gave one of them a good idea. "Let's have a competition to see who can lift the most!" Peter decided, and one by one, the bunnies took turns trying to lift the heavy objects, but since they were just bunnies, they didn't get very far.

Instead, they found a large machine that, after pressing a few buttons, made the ground start to move! They all jumped on together to run side by side while Foo-Foo took up the controls. Little by little, their speed increased until they were slipping off the end.

Foo-Foo chuckled when she saw the bunny pile they had created. "You guys sure are getting your exercise."

"It certainly was a workout," Thumper agreed, smoothing his fur back down. "Let's go see where else that tunnel leads now."

The human world sure was a unique place! They'd seen a child's building, a manicured lawn used for sport, the biggest bedroom ever, and now this strange metal room. Where would they end up next?

(4/10/20) "Guys, I think we have found paradise," Thumper announced, smelling the air. All sorts of delicious scenes floated around them, making their tummy's growl in hunger.

They hopped over, bouncing from the chairs and then onto the tables, to discover a room filled with food. There was salad, mouth-watering meals, and desserts that seemed to cover every inch of the surface.

Oreo was the first to dip her paw into one of the prepared entrées, nibbling a taste then pricking her ears up in excitement. "This tastes delicious!" She exclaimed.

That was enough of an invite for the rest of them, and the bunnies jumped from plate to plate to try everything. Pretty soon, they were all laying down in a circle, full and content. Only Foo-Foo was still munching on a carrot she had found in the salad buffet.

"Today has really been amazing," Peter reflected on all they had done that day. "This place is filled with all sorts of things to do."

"We'll have to come back again next year!" Jack suggested, patting his full belly. "I'd love to eat here again, that's for sure."

They all laughed in agreement. Throughout all their adventures, they had discovered all new places. Some of which would be a perfect place to hide Easter eggs.

Speaking of Easter, Peter wiggled free of the bunny pile they had created. "We should head back now and get some rest. We've got to get ready for Easter."

"That's right!" They agreed, all getting to their feet. Together they scurried back to their tunnel, and one by one emerged back into their flower field.

With only two more days till the holiday arrived, they needed to put the finishing touches on their decorations. Every bunny hugged before picking up their egg baskets.

"Goodbye, everyone!" Peter called out to his friends, waving at them all as they headed home. "See you again at Easter!"


The Event

The time for the holidays is drawing close and all the little bunnies are excited to hide their decorated eggs. But their excitement has gotten the best of them, and they've hopped their way into the Life at the Max website only to get lost! Help find the little guys every day from April 6-10 and you might be lucky enough to win a special thank you gift. One daily winner will receive an Easter goodie bag, and one grand prize winner will get a $100 Amazon Gift Card! There are five little cottontails hidden every single day, and you'll have to find them all. If you need a little extra help, one hint will be given around 12pm via the Life at the Max Facebook page.
Happy hunting!

Rules & Regulations 

AGE: Anyone is allowed to participate (17 years and younger with parent/guardian permission)

TIME: The event begins every morning at 8 am and ends at 11:59 pm. Late submissions will not be counted.

SUBMISSIONS: You only need to fill out the survey once per day. You'll be lead to a Survey Monkey form where you'll need to stage what page on our site you found them, and where on the page they are.

WINNERS: You may only win once, and winners will be announced on the Life at the Max Facebook page. Announcements will take place the following day of the event (ie Monday's winner will be announced on Tuesday).

Winners will be contacted with instructions via the email provided in the survey, so please ensure it is filled out correctly. If you do not respond within two business days, another winner will be selected.

DO NOT: Do not reveal the location of the bunnies! If we find any cheaters, they will be removed from the contest.

Stay Positive!
Practice Good Hygiene


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